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In the 9th century, the Chinese discovered black powder -- a mixture of charcoal, sulphur, and saltpeter. First used as a weapon of war, it was not until the 15th century that black powder, with its explosive properties, found a peaceful application. Today, the use of black powder, in combination with visual and auditory effects for entertainment purposes, is entitled "Pyrotechnics".

Red Bomb Fireworks specializes in the planning and choreography of community/corporate fireworks displays. Our class 7.2.1 fireworks packages are designed for groups interested in maximizing the value of their event budget. These packages emphasize ease of ignition, while providing the maximum visual appeal for your audience. As an added advantage, 7.2.1 fireworks packages do not require expensive federally licensed fireworks supervisors, and can be ignited by any member of your club or organization.

Complete packages are available, including all of the essentials for making your evening a night to remember! Significant group discounts are available, based on your organization's fireworks budget. As an added bonus, planning, choreography, and shipping are always free! For customized display information, please contact Red Bomb Fireworks. To view our pre-scripted "Show-in-a-Box" Displays, click here!


Tired of selling nuts and chocolates as fundraisers for your organization?
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Make this year's fundraising drive a BLAST with Red Bomb Fireworks! While other organizations continue their routine sales of nuts, chocolates, and candy, why not add a little excitement to your fundraising drive? Red Bomb Fireworks has numerous options available to bolster your organizations fundraising objective -- from pre-packaged fireworks assortments to attractively boxed fundraising sets. Best of all, enjoy significantly higher profits through the proven Red Bomb Fireworks fundraising system.

Advantages of using Red Bomb Fireworks for your fundraising efforts:

  • New and innovative fundraising medium.
  • Inexpensive and useful products.
  • Attractive fundraising materials.
  • Great money generating ability.
  • Free Shipping on fundraising orders.*
  • Generous bulk discounts on fundraising orders.*
  • *Based on minimum order volumes


To see how a fundraising partnership with Red Bomb Fireworks could work for your organization, please contact us.

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