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Fireworks Experts™

The Fireworks Experts™ at Red Bomb Fireworks are extensively trained, specializing in family fireworks. With a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, The Fireworks Experts™ can help you plan a fireworks display that is sure to wow your audience.

"We are here to help" in every aspect of your fireworks display, and an integral part of our service is making sure you become a "fireworks expert". Red Bomb Fireworks is your portal to detailed fireworks information including:

  • How family fireworks are made.
  • Product and effect descriptions.
  • Common fireworks terminology.
  • The safe use of family fireworks.
  • Frequently asked fireworks questions.

This Fireworks Experts™ section has been created to help you better understand the many fireworks and effects available at Red Bomb Fireworks. Please click the tabbed sections above to browse the fireworks information.

If you have any further questions, please use our online contact form to submit your query to The Fireworks Experts™ at Red Bomb Fireworks.

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We are here to help! The Fireworks Experts™

We are here to help!